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LIFE15 ENV/IT/000268


H.U.S.H.  – LIFE08 ENV/IT/000386 -  LIFE Harmonization of Urban noise reduction Strategies for Homogeneous action plans)


NADIALIFE 09 ENV IT 000102  -   Noise Abatement Demonstrative and Innovative Actions and information to the public


 QUADMAP  - Life 10 ENV/IT/000407 - QUiet Areas Definition and Management in Action Plans


 GIOCONDA – LIFE13 ENV/IT 000225 -  I Giovani contano nelle decisioni su ambiente e salute.


 DYNAMAP  - LIFE13 ENV IT 001254 - Dynamic Acoustic Mapping – Development of low cost sensors networks for real time noise mapping


BRENNER LEC- LIFE15 ENV/IT/000281- BRENNER Lower Emissions Corridor


LIFE MONZALIFE15 ENV/ IT/000586- Methodologies for Noise Low Emission Zone Introduction and Management


REFIBRE - LIFE14 ENV/IT/000160 - Recycling of textile fibres from end-of-life tyres for production of new asphalts and plastic compounds