News - Low noising asphalt. The mayor of Calenzano visits Massarosa for the Nereide project

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Low noising asphalt. The mayor of Calenzano visits Massarosa for the Nereide project

Great interest on the Nereide project. The first pavements realized in Tuscany has been visited also by Public administrations of other regional municipalities


The mayor of Calenzano (Province of Florence, Tuscany) Alessio Biagioli, accompanied by the technical staff of his municipality, came to Massarosa (Province of Lucca, Tuscany) to see the new asphalt made by the Tuscany Region, on some parts of the road called “Sarzanese”, using the new asphalt of the project Nereide (Noise efficiently reduced by recycled pavements) This asphalt is developed by the laboratory of the Department of Industrial Civil Engineering of the University of Pisa, in collaboration with ARPAT, BRRC, Ecopneus, CNR-IDASC.

"This new asphalt - says the Assessor of Environment Agnese Marchetti – is made with an experimental intervention using recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tires: has a low environmental impact both thanks to the recovery of materials (tires) and both from regarding atmospheric emissions, thanks to the reduction of layment temperatures to 30-40 ° C compared to traditional asphalts.

Moreover, this mix has undoubted noise absorption capacity, which ARPAT is detecting through appropriate instruments and whose results will be announced in the coming weeks ".

"We are very satisfied that the municipality of Massarosa has been chosen for this innovative experiment with undoubted positive repercussions both on the environmental level - declares Mayor Franco Mungai - both on the road safety level and on improving the quality of life for all those who live along these stretches of road ".


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