News - Experimentation of PERS flooring in Belgium started.

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Experimentation of PERS flooring in Belgium started.

With this type of surface, it will be possible to reuse greater percentages of rubber from ELTs.


Is starting the construction of the “small scale” with Poroelastic Road Surface-PERS test track on a street called “Noorderlaan” in the city of Gent, Belgium, under the monitoring of BRRC-Belgian Road Research Center.

 The work is planned to start on 10 September with the local removal of the existing road surface and under layers, followed by the construction of the different new under layers. This will take about 1 week.

 The application of the actual poroelastic road surface (prefab slabs glued with epoxy) is expected for the week after, around 18-19 September, under the condition of favourable weather conditions.


PERS is made of rubber crumb, stones, some additives and is bound with an elastic resin, such as polyurethane; it doesn’t contains bitumen. PERS is much more elastic than any asphalt type and is capable of yielding unequalled noise reductions,7-12 dB. BRRC has been leading PERSUADE which has led to some durable and very noise reducing PERS-types, which have been developed and tested in the laboratory but also on normal roads. The idea is to do some further improvements in the laboratory and construct new long test tracks on trafficked roads.


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