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06.10.2018 15:10
Low noising asphalt. The mayor of Calenzano visits Massarosa for the Nereide project
Great interest on the Nereide project. The first pavements realized in Tuscany has been visited also by Public administrations of other regional municipalities

13.09.2018 16:09
Starts the construction of poroelastic test track on a street in Belgium
The poroelastic surfaces are characterized by high quantities of rubber crumb (around 20%) and a significant reduction in noise emissions, even up to 12 dB (A). The experimentation within the Life Nereide project aims to refine the mix design of this type of asphalt.

08.09.2018 15:09
Experimentation of PERS flooring in Belgium started.
With this type of surface, it will be possible to reuse greater percentages of rubber from ELTs.